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Welcome :-)
to, website Hosting & Design Services.

You have probably seen and heard already, all the hype about website Hosting services that are advertised all around the net, so I will spare you the long drawn out rave this time...but..
If you would like to read just a little truth about website hosting you
can click here to read more on the subject.

NOTE: If your online business is only worth $4.95 US per month to you to host, PLEASE read no futher !!
We provide a great service that is more than just hosting and costs a little more than your business is worth :-)

At Home Business Host we offer 4 very basic things to every client :

  • Quality :
    Our severs are very fast and extremely reliable

  • Value :
    Our pricing represents great VALUE for money website hosting & design

  • Friendly Service :
    At Home-Business-Help and Home-Business-Host, that is our motto and our main aim

  • Flexability :
    We have very few restictions in regard to Upgrading website packages, or when it comes to meeting the requirements or special needs of our clients.

    These four things serve to bring about our client's satisfaction.

    We offer a range of great value Hosting packages that cover just about everyones needs, from single, personal pages built and hosted by us, right through to full blown value hosting packages that will service from small businesses to the larger business that requires more extensive systems and features built into thier website.

    Our services cover all of the areas of website Hosting, Domains, website construction and website design.

    Are you new to Ecommerce?
    Just started your new business? Working on a tight budget?
    Why risk spending $1000's, when with very little knowledge and a small effort from yourself you can have your own Website with full Shopping Cart at very low cost.

    We pride ourselves on being a low cost website Hosting and Design Service Provider that is prepared and will go that extra yard to make sure that you have what you need to maintain and build up when required, your online presence.

    All of our great value hosting packages come complete with Full Cpanel control interface, for easy setup, modification and editing of your website.
    Included free within our Cpanels are many free easy to setup scripts to build or add to your website at no extra cost.

    Please feel free to email or call us regarding your particular needs.
    All of our contact details are
    here :-)

    Do you need a full
    Shopping Cart website?

    NEW HBH Service!! Great deals : with help :-) For a full 12 Mths!
    Value Business Hosting made easy :-)

    NOTE: All prices are in Australian Dollars :-)
    Prices shown are Per month except subdomains
    and are based on 12 month contracts.

  • All Accounts with Full Cpanel Controls
    Hosting Package 1
    Start at low cost :-)
    UPGRADE anytime !
    More details .....
    Hosting Package 2
    Space & Features to grow!!
    UPGRADE anytime !
    More details .....
    Hosting Package 3
    Serious Space & Features
    UPGRADE anytime !
    More details .....
    Hosting Package 4
    Everything you will ever need and much much more!
    More details .....
    Subdomain Package
    Perfect for product sales and business display sites.
    More details .....
    Subdomain Package
    Perfect for personal pages or small business display sites.
    ( Space for 20 plus Pages! )
    More details .....

    Here at Home-Business-Host

    All Businesses matter to us :-)

    No matter how BIG or SMALL your business is
    We can HELP

    If you need a package that is not listed just contact us and we will create one tailored to your specific needs
    at a low cost that you will surprise you :-) HBH Admin