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Website and Grapic Design
At Home-Business-Host we can design and build your website for you, or we can help you get started on your own, then you will be able to edit and update it yourself, saving you all the associated costs with website maintinance.
All websites require different setups.
To this end, all you need do is contact us and we will be able to tell you
just how little your website, which ever way you choose to build it, will cost.

At Home-Business-Host we can do your graphics if required, apon request.
  • Need a full Banner?
  • Want a special Logo for your business? but do not want to pay $400.oo!! ?
  • Need a small mini banner/button to link exchange with someone elses site?
  • Like us to make or find you a Template?
  • Dont know how to resize your pics?
  • Dont want to pay much for any of the above?
  • No worries :-)

    Just let us know what you need and we will tell you how little it will cost .
    Contact us here to get the good news.

    (exsisting members and clients of HBH get extra special treatment :-)

  • Here at Home-Business-Host

    All Businesses matter to us :-)

    No matter how BIG or SMALL your business is
    We can HELP

    If you need a package that is not listed just contact us and we will create one tailored to your specific needs
    at a low cost that you will surprise you :-) HBH Admin