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Just some of the truth about hosting these days.
Hosting today is not what it used to be a few years ago.
Things have changed so much that today it is almost impossible to pick one host company from the next :-( except perhaps by price advertised.. ( note that I said advertised ) , not what it might end up costing you once you run head long into..
The Dreaded EXTRA's monster . thats seems to lurk behind every so called :
Super Duper
Extra Cheapo
Next to nothing to pay
500 months interest free
2 gazillion megs of outer space
But wait theirs more!!
Hosting company

Unfortunately, what they have to offer more than often than not, is really just MORE charges and support fee's every time the client needs some help...

There are $3.00 per month hosting companies under every rock :-) so if you only want, or your business is only worth $3.00 worth of hosting per month?, you will find them very easilly.... good luck :-)

If you think you are getting a great deal because they offer 10 gig of space and 20 gig of bandwith, well then you have a few things to learn...
1/ The average website including shopping cart style ones take on average 300 - 800 meg at the most !
2/ The average website traffic allowance needed ( bandwidth) is on average 2 - 4 gig at the most ! unless you do an awful alllot of business??
3/ It is also common knowledge amounst webmasters that quite often ( not all the time ) if these sized accounts are on offer, the chances are that the server you will be located on WILL be over used and suffer issues due to loads that are placed on them..

From our experience over many years, this problem alone is enough to drive most serious webmasters to running in the other direction when we see these types of advertisments.

The help given from these ell-cheapo hosts is in near all cases Hosting/Cpanel help ONLY, that covers issues to do with the Hosting ONLY.!!
The moment you need a little help with your Website, and I mean any help, you are either told that they do not provide that type of service,
OR .... you will be asked to pay a premium for the help provided, usually on an hourly rate basis.
( IT/ website issues are not a low cost excersise in nearly all cases.... :-(

Today you some how have to be able to pick your host like " Pick a box " will the real quallity, value host please stand up:-)

At Home-Business-Host and Design, we do not claim to be the absolute cheapest hosting on the net... but we do pride ourselves on being very competitive and more than that we like to think we care and personalise our service more than most of our competitors.
In actual fact, as many will tell you, its not the hosting alone that makes a service value, its the people behind the hosting and design service that can make or break your wallet and your head :-)

We are slightly different from most hosts, because as you may of may not be aware of, the hosting is the easy part and it is the website design and maintinance that winds up being the biggest hurdle for most clients to get past. We are and have always been in the business of not only the hosting but as well, doing just that, website Design and Maintinance help.

All our Hosting packages come with some help in this regard and in some instances, with full website Design and Maintinance help.
This is what makes us such good value in the short and long term for our clients.
If you need alot of website help, we also assure you that .....
we are not one of those companies that charge $90.00 - $150 per hour for our IT time.

The location of your hosting server doesn't really matter.
Some companies will try to tell you that your site will take 5 times longer to load if it is hosted on a server that is not in Australia.
This is a mischievous misuse of technical information.
It is true that a "ping" test to a US site can take 5 times longer than to an Australian site. However, this has nothing to do with the speed of loading web pages.
The design and size of your web pages determines how quickly your pages load - not the location of the server.

Here at Home-Business-Host

All Businesses matter to us :-)

No matter how BIG or SMALL your business is
We can HELP

If you need a package that is not listed just contact us and we will create one tailored to your specific needs
at a low cost that you will surprise you :-) HBH Admin